lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

We are the analyst!

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago, Rocío and I were the analysts of the game´s week.
For us (the hole group), this week was so difficult and stressful and we know that it was the same for all groups because we have a lot of responsability due to the game could give us some prices.
At the end of the game we were very proud of our stars and at last our effort was represented in our final proces and it is obvious that it would be noticed in our reflection as analysts.
Being objectives, the best part of the activity was that we have adquired a lot of important points of yhe current law LOMCE. 
We are dure that if we would not do the work in this way, we won´t understand because for the mayority of us this topic is very boring. So, we thank Linda for doing this topic so funny.
On the other hand, as a group we think that the worse part of the activity was that the stars had so much responsability and pressure.
From our poinf of view, if we would have to do again this activity we would prefer to study all as we would be stars and at the moment of the game, Linda has to say who is going to be star and who is not.
Making this, we tgink that all of them will adquiere more knowledge about the law and the most important reason could be that the stars would not have so much responsability.
For this reason, the worse moment in our group was to chose who will be stars. At Easter all members of our group studied the law and when we returned at University of Murcia, we made a balance.
The balance was based on who was more prepared for making the game but this wasn´t be resolved until the day before the game between Marta Saura, Marta Solano and I.
But after discussing, Marta Saura and Marta Solano were chosen as stars.
As I have said before, because of the way of the game for us will be more funny and atractive. Anyway, we are sure that we have learnt a lot about the law.
Apart of learning some aspects about LOMCE, we are motivated to continue the home straight of #SOyER1314.
As a group, we have to continue working so hard and making the last effort.

Post made by Rocío Montesinos and María Rodríguez


Hi bloggers! We have finished our activity about LOE and LOMCE!
On Tuesday morning, we carried out the game about it and we are very happy with the results. We won the second prize! First of all, we had to choose two stars to do the game. We were the chosen stars, Marta Solano and Marta Saura. Firstly, we were a little bit worried and nervous but later on, the development of the game gave us calm. The teacher explained us how we were going to carry out the game. She shared out some copies of Snakes and Ladders and put on the computer a bigger one. After that, each pair of stars had to sit down near the blackboard and each one of us had to sit down far from our partner. Each pair had a piece which was moving when we threw the die. This meant that you had answered the question well and you could advance through the board. In this game, luck plays an important role and although you answer the questions well, if you do not have luck when you throw the die, you are not going to win. We can say that we were lucky because we have studied a lot, so we answered all the questions that the teacher gave us, and also we were lucky with the die. The game finished before any one of us arrived at the finish line because there were not enough questions.
In general, it has been an interesting and dynamic activity and we do not see it only as a game, we see it as the result of many activities and different steps in which we have had to work hard and constantly. In the development of this activity, we have learnt about the Spanish Education Low in a different way. Besides we could see the variations between the laws . We think that it is more interesting and useful in this way because we pay more attention, we retain better the concepts and we are involve in the development of this part of the subject. We are very happy with the result and we notice that we have learnt step by step.  
We have to congratulate our mates from T8T because they won the game and of course, to the rest of the groups because all of them did very well at the game. We had to work together in some steps of the development of this game, so we have learnt to coordinate and to arrive to a solution among many people. This teaches us about work in teams and to respect the opinions of the others. Although it has been a work for each group, we have arrived to the game Snakes and Ladders thanks to the work among groups and the understanding among us.
This activity was the end to an activity that had spanned several weeks about laws (LOE and LOMCE). After this activity we realized that our work made ​​ step by step was successful. The truth is that we are very happy with our results as we had won but  we have also learned the importance not only of the law and its variations but we learned to work together and we overcome the problems that appeared between us and respect different reviews.
In addition we made ​​a feedback on each of the weeks of the course about our problems and our successes, and the conclusion that we obtained was totally good, as every week we have been improving and learning more. Specifically this week has been a little frightening, because the stars have had a lot more responsibility as they fall within the winners represented a premium to the subject and no longer played to ourselves if not for the rest of our group.

We have some great feelings about this activity and we are trying to learn from these types of tasks which escape from the typical way of learning.

Post made by the stars: Marta Solano and Marta Saura. 


Hello , here we are another week!
So sorry for the delay... we have been very busy these weeks; the end of the course is just here and we are making the last effort. Anyway we still have energy to carry on , we can do it!
Last week we made the final competition about LOE and LOMCE. At first , we were a bit frightened because it was too much work , many laws to study and we did not know how this game was going to be... In addiction , we did not know whom of us would have the responsibility to represent us. We all had been stars  , so we have to decide it by ourselves. At the end we decided that all of us should study it , because anyway we would have to study it for the exam...
Marta Saura and Marta Solano were the two of us who known the laws better , so finally they represented us in the final game while we hold them and encourage and applauded them all the time as a united team.
Both , the stars and the rest of the team were very nervous that day. We had studied a lot and we really needed to do it well.
When it was our first turn in the game Marta guess the question , however the dice were not on our side , and we just get a one. The word was that in our second turn we get a one again! At that moment we thought that it was imposible to win.
The good luck is something that changes in minute´s question... and finally our luck changes! 
Both Martas made it fantastic! they guess all the questions and we finished in the second position.
We were very happy of being the second winner. We could not believe it!
If this were not sufficient , another good new for our team was told that day: We were also the second winners of the mind map composition.
We have work hard during all this time , we have not had  any big problem and we understand between us very well , for that reason we are very proud of our team STEP BY STEP

Post made by: Yolanda Pérez - Crespo Gilabert , Mayka Vidal and Cristina Sáez The journalist

The final game

Hi bloggers!

As all of you have known, we were working in the law and finally we have done our game at #SOyER1314.
We were very pround of our work and our stars.
We don´t know exactly what role we have to develop during the week but Linda said to us that there were three roles: stars, analyst and journalist.
We shared out the roles:

-Marta Saura and Marta Solano were the stars of the competition.
-Yolanda, Mayka and Cristina were the journalists.
-Rocío and María were the analysts.

So, after this post you can have a look to our post and experiences.

Post made by María Rodríguez

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Good work.

Hi bloggers!
 I’m Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz and this week I have been the facilitator and the roles have been:
-Mayka Vidal Sánchez is the analyst.
-Marta Saura Hernández is the traslator.
-Cristina Sáez Alcantud and Marta Solano Andreu  are the stars.
-Maria Rodriguez Bolea is the journalist.
-Yolanda Pérez -Crespo Gilabert is the curator-farmer.

We had to develop 4 questions on each topic of the previous week so we divided into 2 groups
· Cristina, Yolanda, Mayka and María work with the topic:
The Primary School,Administration and Governance at Local and/or Institutional Level I and Administration and Governance at Local and/or Institutional Level II.

· On the other hand Marta Saura, Marta Solano and me work with the other topics:
 An Overview of the Educational System,Organisation of Primary Education and  Organisational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education.

 After read and work with our topics, we collected the question and the answers and we revised them.
In class, we worked with teachleaders and we graded the topic 2 of each group and we have chosen the best questions

I think that we have done a good work, we worked together and I’m proud of my group. I hope that all follow as well.
Happy holidays bloggers!

Post made by the facilitator: Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz.

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Journalist´s role.

Hi everyone!

I´m María Rodríguez, the journalist of this week.
First of all, I apologize for uploading this post late but it has a reason.
This reason is that for this role, I wanted to do something special, something new for summarizing the whole week and it took me up a lot of time.
Moreover, I have commented on a SlideShare´s presentation because it helped us a lot to understand the differences between LOE and LOMCE. Have a look it, it is very interesting. 

In addition to this, I have commented in BrainStorming blog´s because they have chosen very interesting words about our topics. 

After this chat, I attach you my animate video about this week made with a program that I have never used, PowToon.

Here you have it!

As you know this week we had two guess: Manel Rives and Jane Challinor but if you can know more about them, there are two post destined for their visits.
Here you have the links:

So, I hope you like it and....


Post made by the journalist: María Rodríguez.

let's analyze it!

Hello everyone! I'm Mayka Vidal and this week my role is to be analyst.  
It's de first week that i have had this role and i think that it's one of the most important roles because i have to evaluate the work of my group and for this reason it's difficult to me. Although my role is difficult, I like it because I have to prove my maturity and objectivity even though is my group and my classmates.                                                                   
 If my group is working well, then perfect. But if not, I have to have my own judgment and  i have to evaluate if all members work and provide ideas.
Instead of my role it's very difficult i have my decission very clear and i know how our group have worked this week, what we have done and who. 
Why?, because all of us have worked in all and each member of the group have read each Cmap, so it has been a very nice week. We have worked in group and have learned important new things together. 

This week, the next step it has been to get the six Cmaps that we did the last week and  work on them. So we started to think about the 24 questions  that we had to have for the game, 4 questions per topic.                                           
This questions have to envolve the main things that contain each topic, in order to know about all the topics related to the Educational System.

What we have learned?.
This week we have learned a lot.The last week, we knew only about  two topics but this week we had to read and understand very well all the topics because we had to do interesting and important questions about each topic showing that we have understood perfectly each topic. 
So now we know more things about the mechanism that it's inside of the Educational Systemand and the organizational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education , very useful to us because we are going to work in this world so it's important that we know about this System, because it's our future. 

It seems a game but it's more than this. 
Why?, because while we are looking for information about the topics and  we are elaborating all the questions together, we are learning a lot. And also we learn  when we have to read the questions of the other groups and evaluate them because we can see the way that they understand the topics and what it's important to them, then we can compare and improve our work. 
This is the reason because we are in group, to improve our work and improve ourselves with the ideas of the rest of the class, and by this way, we can see our mistakes in order to change some things and improve our work and our knowledge, and this is the best part of our activities.
Of course, each week all of us have many problems, for example this week we have had problems with the format of the cards, how to do it etc. Finally  they were ready on the day indicated, and it was the worst part of our activity.

As I have to analyze the work of my group as a group and individually on each of its members, the result has been very satisfactory. Our work has been well done and very good distributed.                                           
Each week, we work in group better and we are learning a lot of things between us, althought there are things that our group have to improve as a group, because it's important to understand that all the ideas has to be listened.

That's all, i hope that you have a nice week!

Post made by: Mayka Vidal Sánchez.