lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Good work.

Hi bloggers!
 I’m Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz and this week I have been the facilitator and the roles have been:
-Mayka Vidal Sánchez is the analyst.
-Marta Saura Hernández is the traslator.
-Cristina Sáez Alcantud and Marta Solano Andreu  are the stars.
-Maria Rodriguez Bolea is the journalist.
-Yolanda Pérez -Crespo Gilabert is the curator-farmer.

We had to develop 4 questions on each topic of the previous week so we divided into 2 groups
· Cristina, Yolanda, Mayka and María work with the topic:
The Primary School,Administration and Governance at Local and/or Institutional Level I and Administration and Governance at Local and/or Institutional Level II.

· On the other hand Marta Saura, Marta Solano and me work with the other topics:
 An Overview of the Educational System,Organisation of Primary Education and  Organisational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education.

 After read and work with our topics, we collected the question and the answers and we revised them.
In class, we worked with teachleaders and we graded the topic 2 of each group and we have chosen the best questions

I think that we have done a good work, we worked together and I’m proud of my group. I hope that all follow as well.
Happy holidays bloggers!

Post made by the facilitator: Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz.

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