lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


Hi bloggers! We have finished our activity about LOE and LOMCE!
On Tuesday morning, we carried out the game about it and we are very happy with the results. We won the second prize! First of all, we had to choose two stars to do the game. We were the chosen stars, Marta Solano and Marta Saura. Firstly, we were a little bit worried and nervous but later on, the development of the game gave us calm. The teacher explained us how we were going to carry out the game. She shared out some copies of Snakes and Ladders and put on the computer a bigger one. After that, each pair of stars had to sit down near the blackboard and each one of us had to sit down far from our partner. Each pair had a piece which was moving when we threw the die. This meant that you had answered the question well and you could advance through the board. In this game, luck plays an important role and although you answer the questions well, if you do not have luck when you throw the die, you are not going to win. We can say that we were lucky because we have studied a lot, so we answered all the questions that the teacher gave us, and also we were lucky with the die. The game finished before any one of us arrived at the finish line because there were not enough questions.
In general, it has been an interesting and dynamic activity and we do not see it only as a game, we see it as the result of many activities and different steps in which we have had to work hard and constantly. In the development of this activity, we have learnt about the Spanish Education Low in a different way. Besides we could see the variations between the laws . We think that it is more interesting and useful in this way because we pay more attention, we retain better the concepts and we are involve in the development of this part of the subject. We are very happy with the result and we notice that we have learnt step by step.  
We have to congratulate our mates from T8T because they won the game and of course, to the rest of the groups because all of them did very well at the game. We had to work together in some steps of the development of this game, so we have learnt to coordinate and to arrive to a solution among many people. This teaches us about work in teams and to respect the opinions of the others. Although it has been a work for each group, we have arrived to the game Snakes and Ladders thanks to the work among groups and the understanding among us.
This activity was the end to an activity that had spanned several weeks about laws (LOE and LOMCE). After this activity we realized that our work made ​​ step by step was successful. The truth is that we are very happy with our results as we had won but  we have also learned the importance not only of the law and its variations but we learned to work together and we overcome the problems that appeared between us and respect different reviews.
In addition we made ​​a feedback on each of the weeks of the course about our problems and our successes, and the conclusion that we obtained was totally good, as every week we have been improving and learning more. Specifically this week has been a little frightening, because the stars have had a lot more responsibility as they fall within the winners represented a premium to the subject and no longer played to ourselves if not for the rest of our group.

We have some great feelings about this activity and we are trying to learn from these types of tasks which escape from the typical way of learning.

Post made by the stars: Marta Solano and Marta Saura. 

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