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let's analyze it!

Hello everyone! I'm Mayka Vidal and this week my role is to be analyst.  
It's de first week that i have had this role and i think that it's one of the most important roles because i have to evaluate the work of my group and for this reason it's difficult to me. Although my role is difficult, I like it because I have to prove my maturity and objectivity even though is my group and my classmates.                                                                   
 If my group is working well, then perfect. But if not, I have to have my own judgment and  i have to evaluate if all members work and provide ideas.
Instead of my role it's very difficult i have my decission very clear and i know how our group have worked this week, what we have done and who. 
Why?, because all of us have worked in all and each member of the group have read each Cmap, so it has been a very nice week. We have worked in group and have learned important new things together. 

This week, the next step it has been to get the six Cmaps that we did the last week and  work on them. So we started to think about the 24 questions  that we had to have for the game, 4 questions per topic.                                           
This questions have to envolve the main things that contain each topic, in order to know about all the topics related to the Educational System.

What we have learned?.
This week we have learned a lot.The last week, we knew only about  two topics but this week we had to read and understand very well all the topics because we had to do interesting and important questions about each topic showing that we have understood perfectly each topic. 
So now we know more things about the mechanism that it's inside of the Educational Systemand and the organizational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education , very useful to us because we are going to work in this world so it's important that we know about this System, because it's our future. 

It seems a game but it's more than this. 
Why?, because while we are looking for information about the topics and  we are elaborating all the questions together, we are learning a lot. And also we learn  when we have to read the questions of the other groups and evaluate them because we can see the way that they understand the topics and what it's important to them, then we can compare and improve our work. 
This is the reason because we are in group, to improve our work and improve ourselves with the ideas of the rest of the class, and by this way, we can see our mistakes in order to change some things and improve our work and our knowledge, and this is the best part of our activities.
Of course, each week all of us have many problems, for example this week we have had problems with the format of the cards, how to do it etc. Finally  they were ready on the day indicated, and it was the worst part of our activity.

As I have to analyze the work of my group as a group and individually on each of its members, the result has been very satisfactory. Our work has been well done and very good distributed.                                           
Each week, we work in group better and we are learning a lot of things between us, althought there are things that our group have to improve as a group, because it's important to understand that all the ideas has to be listened.

That's all, i hope that you have a nice week!

Post made by: Mayka Vidal Sánchez.

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