lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


Hello , here we are another week!
So sorry for the delay... we have been very busy these weeks; the end of the course is just here and we are making the last effort. Anyway we still have energy to carry on , we can do it!
Last week we made the final competition about LOE and LOMCE. At first , we were a bit frightened because it was too much work , many laws to study and we did not know how this game was going to be... In addiction , we did not know whom of us would have the responsibility to represent us. We all had been stars  , so we have to decide it by ourselves. At the end we decided that all of us should study it , because anyway we would have to study it for the exam...
Marta Saura and Marta Solano were the two of us who known the laws better , so finally they represented us in the final game while we hold them and encourage and applauded them all the time as a united team.
Both , the stars and the rest of the team were very nervous that day. We had studied a lot and we really needed to do it well.
When it was our first turn in the game Marta guess the question , however the dice were not on our side , and we just get a one. The word was that in our second turn we get a one again! At that moment we thought that it was imposible to win.
The good luck is something that changes in minute´s question... and finally our luck changes! 
Both Martas made it fantastic! they guess all the questions and we finished in the second position.
We were very happy of being the second winner. We could not believe it!
If this were not sufficient , another good new for our team was told that day: We were also the second winners of the mind map composition.
We have work hard during all this time , we have not had  any big problem and we understand between us very well , for that reason we are very proud of our team STEP BY STEP

Post made by: Yolanda Pérez - Crespo Gilabert , Mayka Vidal and Cristina Sáez The journalist

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