lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

We are the analyst!

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago, Rocío and I were the analysts of the game´s week.
For us (the hole group), this week was so difficult and stressful and we know that it was the same for all groups because we have a lot of responsability due to the game could give us some prices.
At the end of the game we were very proud of our stars and at last our effort was represented in our final proces and it is obvious that it would be noticed in our reflection as analysts.
Being objectives, the best part of the activity was that we have adquired a lot of important points of yhe current law LOMCE. 
We are dure that if we would not do the work in this way, we won´t understand because for the mayority of us this topic is very boring. So, we thank Linda for doing this topic so funny.
On the other hand, as a group we think that the worse part of the activity was that the stars had so much responsability and pressure.
From our poinf of view, if we would have to do again this activity we would prefer to study all as we would be stars and at the moment of the game, Linda has to say who is going to be star and who is not.
Making this, we tgink that all of them will adquiere more knowledge about the law and the most important reason could be that the stars would not have so much responsability.
For this reason, the worse moment in our group was to chose who will be stars. At Easter all members of our group studied the law and when we returned at University of Murcia, we made a balance.
The balance was based on who was more prepared for making the game but this wasn´t be resolved until the day before the game between Marta Saura, Marta Solano and I.
But after discussing, Marta Saura and Marta Solano were chosen as stars.
As I have said before, because of the way of the game for us will be more funny and atractive. Anyway, we are sure that we have learnt a lot about the law.
Apart of learning some aspects about LOMCE, we are motivated to continue the home straight of #SOyER1314.
As a group, we have to continue working so hard and making the last effort.

Post made by Rocío Montesinos and María Rodríguez

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