sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Journalist´s role.

Hi everyone!

I´m María Rodríguez, the journalist of this week.
First of all, I apologize for uploading this post late but it has a reason.
This reason is that for this role, I wanted to do something special, something new for summarizing the whole week and it took me up a lot of time.
Moreover, I have commented on a SlideShare´s presentation because it helped us a lot to understand the differences between LOE and LOMCE. Have a look it, it is very interesting.

In addition to this, I have commented in BrainStorming blog´s because they have chosen very interesting words about our topics.

After this chat, I attach you my animate video about this week made with a program that I have never used, PowToon.

Here you have it!

As you know this week we had two guess: Manel Rives and Jane Challinor but if you can know more about them, there are two post destined for their visits.
Here you have the links:



So, I hope you like it and....


Post made by the journalist: María Rodríguez.

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  1. Hi Maria, this is Feli from Brainstorming. congratulations for your creativity. choosing a video to present all conceptual maps is a innovative way to keep the audience atention!!!
    GOOD JOB!!