martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Facilitator ( the Boss of this week)

Well bloggers, as I said you yesterday I am here to tell you about the weekly activity.

Once I have already informed about our roles . Let’s go to the activity realized by step by step.

Well , then, this weekly activity has been on laws, maybe some of you this word ¨law¨ will prove a dull , heavy topic ... but if you dedicate to take a look , surely you will learn many things about the educational system and its current educational organization .

The first thing as Facilitator this week has been distributed among all the work to do so we had enough time to see everything with confidence. Each of us read the weekly activity , first in our practice class, last Tuesday, we had to ask our  teacher, Linda, about  how to do the activity because we were a little lost , after the explanation , we set to work. I divided the work between the topics that had touched us, article one and article four. After we splited, three of us made ​​a diagram with things most important of article one and the other four made a diagram of article 4. Once we had done this. We went to something else. We read BOE and the article with LOMCE and LOE, this was a hard job, since it is much information and we had to be very concentrated to point out everything that had been modified, added or deleted.
Once we get the changes we investigated the program we decided. Two of us looked at several tutorials about using this program, following the vision of these, we started to make each of the conceptual maps.

This task was made ​​all together, we made conceptual map on the first topic that had touched us and then did the same with the next topic. To end with our activity, we included photos that they had relationship on these two issues and gave color to our maps.
 This has been our working. At the weekend we were very satisfied about it although we had fear about whether it was well done.

Today, Monday we worked into groups. We have divided into two groups and we worked with two different groups. Brainstorming and Teachleaders. We were the supervisors of these groups.

Marta Saura, Cristina Saez, Maria Rodriguez and me were the supervisors of Brainstorming and Mayka Vidal, Yolanda Perez-Crespo and Rocio Montesinos were the supervisors of  teach learders. Our job was to see if these groups were evaluating good and being objectives with the different topics that had touched us. This way has been a nice form to work in group and give different opinions. Here I show you some photos about this Monday.

These were the conceptual maps that we had to supervise as supervisors.

To finish each working group had to put their evaluation on three conceptual maps on this link;

Thanks a lot for your attention.

See you soon!! 
Marta Solano Andreu, the facilitator.

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