jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Discovering new concepts.

Hi everyone! I am Marta Saura, the translator of this week. Now we are developing a game based on the low (LOE and LOMCE) so the main concepts that we are working on it are very important to understand how the low works and what are its objectives.

I have selected these five important concepts:
     Bilingual school: It is a type of school where the program is based on the British curriculum. The subjects are in English and there are teacher specialised in this language. Nowadays, this type of school is developing so fast and many schools in Spain are changing their methodology. It is an interesting way to learn English for children since early ages.

.   Ministry of Education: Into the Spanish government there is a group which is in charge of education, culture and sport. This ministry concedes grants, supplies the technology to the schools and the material that they need. It is very important to develop the education in our country.

.   Distance Education: It is a modality of education in which you can study with the Spanish curriculum although you are in other country. Nowadays this modality is very important because there are a lot of people who have to move for work but they want to continue studying. There are some other variants that use distance education too and it is a big progress in the way of education.

.    Equality: Nowadays it is an important term in the world of education. On the one hand, it is one of the main objectives of the Spanish education system and on the other hand, it is one of the principles that the schools below the LOE and LOMCE, have to carry through in the admission of the students. One of the main purpose of the low is to provide a quality education with the same opportunities for all the students, without any discrimination.

     Evaluation: This term is use in each course of education (primary, secondary, university…) The main objective is to know what is the level of the students, therefore, there are personalized evaluations at the end of each academic course. In this point it is important to clarify that the evaluation is focus on how the students are acquiring the new competences because if they do not acquire them, as the low said, they have to repeat the course.

I hope that these concepts clarify the topics with the aim to a better understanding.

Post by the translator: Marta Saura Hernández.

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