jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Jane Challinor

Hi bloggers! 
This week has started with two amazing visits. On Monday Manel Rives came to our class and on Tuesday Jane Challinor was our guest.

I am going to talk about Jane Challinor and what we did with her in class. First of all, although she is English, she speaks a little bit of Spanish. Despite this, the session was in English.

She is a  teacher who works in Spain and she uses a lot new methodologies, tics and also she has a blog where she publish some activities and the visits that she does. Have a look to her blog and discover great activities; http://thevirtualleader.blogspot.com.es/

Four of our classmates presented Jane before she started the class and they told us interesting aspects about Jane`s life and the types of activities and so on that she had done.
At the beginning, Jane Challinor told us a lot of things related to education, the way to improve in this profession, how to motivate children and one of the most important aspect in this hard work; How to develop new technologies. She told us about her daughter, who is a primary teacher too. She showed us some applications to use and later, Jane and our teacher, tought us an application called: Pinterest . It is like a blog where you can found some photographs about many topics and share them in a main page. Other people can see your pictures and you can discover some of them related with the topic that you like or are interested. We think that it is a way to discover and looking for other type of information.
We are grateful to her visit because we have discovered new ways to develop a class in our future work.
Here you can see a photo of our class with Jane Challinor. 

We hope that you enjoy with our activities as the same as we have enjoyed with the visit of Jane Challinor. http://thevirtualleader.blogspot.com.es/p/about-me.html

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