martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

What´s about my feelings like facilitator?

As future teachers, in order to teach our children we have to know all our posibilities, to share our creativity and knowledge in the better way, to know materials and how they can influence on children. So, for this reason as we said in others posts, the topic of this weeks was "The dark side of textbooks". On twitter we used the hashtag #librodetesto .
Some teachers don´t know well what is exactly their job. Furthermore, teachers must know that teacher is not a reader, and for that we are against of textbooks but as we said in our presentation "The problem are not textbooks, the problem are the wrong uses of them".

Anyway, for me be facilitator this week has been a little bit difficult and stressful because I had to be in charge of my group and of course it might have a lot of repercussions on the final work as a group. But this week I was so proud of my group and our work as an united group because apart of our difficulties to make an agreement on what we were going to do and what day we were going to meet to work hardly... all would be all right at last.
Moreover, I have changed some things of our blog to make it more interesting and easy to understand and of course I have keept twitter alive with my colleagues´s help.
I recommend you to have a look on the twitter of all my mates of #SOyER1314 because there you can found some interesting videos, comics, pictures, fables and infographics about our topic #librodetesto. 

My conclusion as facilitator is that if all is well organized in a wide group , things should be easier and I am sure that we can do something better even.

Have a good week, bloggers!

Post made by: María Rodríguez. 

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