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Hello Dear bloggers,
Let’ go to the next week. This time I have had to assume the role of translator. My job as a translator has been to contextualize five most important concepts in our weekly activity . Well here we go, this week the topic was ¨The Dark Side of Textbooks¨ . Most of us throughout our lives to go through the different educational levels (primary, secondary school , university ) and our education  was based on textbooks leaving no room for other resources , so maybe that's a prejudice that today many of us drag , but it's never too late to evolve so this week we have critical fact about textbooks and the use of them, you could see in our presentation the fact that we have chosen.
After this brief introduction about my views and activity of this week, now I go with my work as a translator. Below you will see the five concepts that I have selected . Clearly they are not the only terms I can take in relation to the dark side of the books , but I have tried to select those that may lead to a better understanding of this activity and especially those who have considered important and interesting.

-Editorials  this concept involves that the book publishing industry is on the production and distribution of all kinds of books. The edition of the book does not include the activity of making outstanding information publicly available, for instance the distribution. In some cases, authors may be their own publishers.

-A Business is a system, method or way to get money in exchange for goods or services. But this is not the only meaning we can draw on this concept but also a business is an entity created or organized in order to get money for production activities, trading or services that benefit others.

- A textbook is a manual of instruction in any subject of study. Textbooks emerged as learning instruments .A textbook is a standardized manual that is used in formal study as secondary and university. Institution of higher education requires students to find and pay for their own textbooks, which are chosen by the teachers. Most students pay high prices for their books so many of them manage to find used books.

-The government is the authority that directs, controls and manages the state institutions, which is the general political direction or exercise of state power. In broad terms, the government is one structure that performs the various state activities, commonly referred branches of government (state functions).

- The Ministry of Education is a government agency that is responsible for managing the administrative tasks related to education and usually also of culture. Also represents a very important department for the country, given that handles all matters related to training and scholarships and grants to citizens, so they can achieve academic level they want.

Here ends my work as a translator in this week. I would note that it has been an especially fun week as we have enjoyed making our advertisements as well as The Dark Side of Textbook have been an issue that has aroused our curiosity.
I hope you enjoyed our presentation on Monday. I hope we have managed to transmit that there is not a unique way to learn, you only need enthusiasm, excitement to discover new methods.

Marta Solano Andreu, Translator.

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