martes, 18 de marzo de 2014


Hello , I am Yolanda , the analyst this week.
 For me , the best part of this activity (“the dark side of textbooks”) has been that we  worked in a important topic , that affects us directly as future teachers and we have made this work in a dynamic way. We have made some TV advertisements and while we were working we have had a lot of fun. It has been a very nice experience.
By the other hand , the worse part of this activity was that we have not much time in class to make our advertisements , and we have had to agree to spend an afternoon at the university , which has been complicated because as we are  7 persons , it is very difficult to find a date when everyone have time.
But after all , the best moment of the week was the afternoon we spent at the university making our advertisements because we laughed a lot and we also worked a lot.
We have learnt that teachers are not just readers , teachers are actors. It is important to know that text books are not the only resource that teachers can use. We have a great variety of tools to use and that could be very useful and interesting. The problem is not to use textbooks , the problem is the wrong use of it. Text books have too many cons , for example the high price , the lack of creativity , etc. We pretended to show this in our advertisements and I think we made a good job.
For the next weeks there are several things that we need to conserve , but there are other things that we need to improve as well.
Firstly , we should conserve our group spirit , we are very close , and I think this is a very important point to work as a group. In adiction we have quite interesting ideas to develop in our works that are creative.
Secondly , we should improve some things , for example the efficacy. We work hard but we spend too much time discussing our ideas and we should be a bit more faster.
This content is really important for us , because when we are teachers we do not have to limit our teach to read , we have to make our children to discover by themselves with our help , making them to explore their world and to form their own judgments. This content is related with planning , as the teacher have to be aware of what are the resources they have ,the reason why it could be useful for children and  how and when are them going to use it.
There are several social connection about why text books are use by the majority of teachers. As we can observe in  text books there are some ideological reasons that move this market. Text books change every 2 or 3 years depending on the political , religious or some other reasons , that could make us to be simple puppets of our system.

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