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Hi everyone, we are Marta Saura and Cristina Saez Alcantud, we have been the stars this week in Step by Step work team. First of all, we want to say that this week has been a little bit different from the previous weeks because, we had to choose among to do a video, a fable, a comic or a infographic, about the topic ``The dark side of text books´´. We chose a video. For this reason, the role of the star had consisted on present our video in front of the class.
In our opinion, the most important part of this role has been to show to the whole class what we wanted to transmit with the video instead of reading or talk about the topic. We have chosen a video because we thought that it is more visual and people could be more impacted seeing it. The concepts can be clearer although our partners have to imagine the situation that we want to transmit.
For this activity, we needed to be creative, to investigate new ways to show a concept and to look for the best way to impact our colleagues. It is not valid to illustrate only a common situation that people usually know, it is more than that, it is necessary to look for a normal content and to illustrate it in a different way, which people try to discover. We think that it is the best way to point up.
With these types of activities, we learn to bring out our creativity, because all of us have creativity inside. Creativity is the best tool to impact children and to realize that theory is not useful without motivation and implication.
We know that the role of the star this week has not been so oppressing (compared with the role of previous stars) it was just a figure to present the video and to do some comments about it. In spite of this, the role of the star is always risky and has more responsibility than other roles, merely because the fact of speak aloud in front of the class is usually a little bit difficult for the majority of us. Firstly, we had felt worried about our work and the way to present it, but later on we felt calm and trusted in our work.

After the presentations, the teacher showed us a type of website where we can write some comments about the expositions of our colleagues, explaining good and bad points about them. In our view, it has been very interesting because we can notice our mistakes and which aspects we need to improve, and is a way to see if our information has been useful for the rest of the class. Also, it is very important to know what we have done well because it always supposes a great satisfaction; Here you can see a photo of us doing the presentation yesterday. I hope you enjoy with our work and think about some questions that we set out. 

Finally we want to show you in a practical way how the videos are an attractive resource for people than other resources like researchers. We have chose a topic and we have looked for two ways to explain them. First we choose this video:

And then we found an article which explains the American Discovery too.

We hope that you enjoy with our work and think about the way to bring to light our creativity. We can made amazing activities!

Post made by: Cristina Saez Alcantud and Marta Saura Hernández, stars.

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