martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Londones' activities.

Yesterday we had a visit that we expected with unbridled enthusiasm. Mercedes Ruiz, came to our university and we had the pleasure of spending with her two wonderful hours.Those two hours were divided into three parts, each part was about 40 minutes.
In the first part, Mercedes kept waiting us to see what was going to happen, and all of us participated in their unforeseen activities. It was  one of the best moments in the morning, seeing the way in which she feels and lives her profession, more than just a job. We remebered some things very interesting for our future job like for example don't use the same resources when we are going to develop our creativity in drawings. Instead of the traditional pencils we can found some new materials as she said. For example; a wide assortmen of wonderful pencils, highlighters, eyeliners, and with the we can make more visual things very visual. She gave an example of a boring class: when you give a paper with a big circle in the middle of it and children have to colour it with the traditional colours , it is not funny as if you give them some wonderful colours. Moreover, by this way they can develop their creativity faster.
Another tips that we liked it a lot, were "Always try to break with common things which are expected by children and from now on we are able to create knowledge .And of course try to remove the child that we have inside and treat our students always with respect but with equality".
In the second part, we had to go outside looking for the "Hidden knowledge".
In the third part, as of the activity that we had done before, each group had to encompass a photograph with a slogan. Then we went Back to the class with the work done with the purpose of being presented. In our case, we chose public transports around us and we don't use them at all. So we must make aware to use them more to protect our enviroment. Anyway, our slogan was "park your car and look around".
In addition to this, some of our mates told three things good and one bad. 
When we saw our mates telling their slogan we realized that we needed more enthusiasm to express ourselves and make others feel the same feellings.
It is clear that the class that we had yesterday served us to reflect on the reality that surrounds us and it made us to think about that we can change many things.
We are sure that  we will never forget the class that we had on Monday ,sincerely  we hope becoming teachers who work with students with enthusiasm and involvement making them discover every day the world and new knowledge in innovative ways.
We can only conclude by saying that we are very grateful for your visit and happy to have lived it. 

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  1. Mi más sincera enhorabuena por la manera en la que habéis redactado esta entrada.
    Invita a la reflexión desde la emoción vivida, por todos, en esas dos horas.

    Fue una experiencia UBUNTU.

    Ahora...el libro que os comenté

    Lady Díriga