martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

My job as Journalist!!

How can I research appropriate information? Will it be correct? Will it be interesting for the rest of my partners?

These are some questions that have travelled around on mi mind this week as this week I have assumed the journalist’s role. According to this role I have had to research information, contextualize and ask my partners about things that they have learnt in the different activities that we have done during these weeks. This work has been a bit difficult as we have had to highlight the most important knowledges and competencies that we think that will be useful for our future as a teacher. Besides we have also had to review the information that we have used in each activities ,and this help us to highlight the most important things.
One part of this activity was investigated the two programme that are available in order to do  the video. At the first we had difficulties to understand the programmes that we had to use to do a creativity and dynamic video. Therefore I saw some tutorials about these programmes ( moovly, pootwon) after when I saw these tutorials I understood each programme  and then my partners and I met up  and we did our video.

Below you can see the tutorials that we saw in order to understand the programmes:

This tutorial belongs to Moovly.

and this belongs to Powtoon

My partners and I chose the moovly’s programme as we were tried different things with this programme and this programme was the most we liked.
About our video I want to say the most important things for us. One of them were  the use of different sources such as blogger, slideshare etc.. besides we also learnt how to do a good presentation highlight 20  appropiate tips among others. Last week we received the Londones’s visit, her visit was very useful in order to do a dynamic lesson , in summary a different lesson.

Finally, here you can see our final video about our job in these weeks. In summary we have wanted to show you the different competencies that we have learnt and will be useful  in the future.

This blog belongs to Lady Díriga, Londones.

Despite searching other blogs, definitely we have choosen this blog as we discovered another way in order to do a different lesson with her visit. Also we realized that the content is not focus only inside the classroom, we can go out a look for other types of resources, with the aim to get a better learning, a practical one. Then Lady Díriga told us about the way of teaching. For this reason we are grateful because it will be very useful for our future.

This blog belongs a group of my classroom, CmonTutankamon. I  want to say that you have did a good and dynamic final video and all concepts are very clear  therefore you group won with other group. Well done girls!

Oh!! I forgot this morning we made our presentation along with other groups, and after finishing the exposition of all the videos, each groups gave scores to the other groups, we simulated  Eurovision.  It has been really dynamic and funny. I think it was a good way to do a dynamic class.

I hope you have enjoyed a lot. The journalist of this week. Marta Solano Andreu

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