lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Hi everyone! We are Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz and Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert and we have been the stars this week in Step by Step work team.

This week we have made  a presentation about all we have learnt in school organization during this time. 
We have realized that we have made a lot of activities and we have discovered a great variety of resources and tools that are going to be very useful for us in the future.
We spent pretty much time making the video because we did not know the program "moovly" so at first it was quite complicated.

We as stars , did not know very well what we would have to do in class to carry out our role so we were a little bit confused at first... Then, Linda explained us that we were going to watch all the videos and then the star would have to vote the rest of the group as "Eurovision" , so we had to get up and said our name and our group and then one by one each mark of every group. It has been very funny and indeed it is a different way of evaluation.

Although our work as stars has been quite "light" because we have not  had to do too much , it has been a good experience and the idea of make an "Eurovision" in class and being part of the results for us has been a pleasure and a very nice performance.

In conclusion today we have learned that including "games"in the classes is a good way to catch  the attention of students and so they can learn in a funny way.

Here we put the link of our "summarize video":

We hope you enjoy with our video.

Post made by:Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz and Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert.

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