martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Facilitator for one week.

Hi bloggers! 

I´m Cristina Sáez again, as I said in the previous post, this week i´ve worked as a facilitator. Well, this week we begin with a lot of energy to do our tasks. Our energy was too much and then when we started to do the task in the most creative way that had emerged in the group during the brainstorming, we saw that programs to do the job were not valid and we had to start again. After this little hitch, the first thing we did was learn to use the appropriate program to do the activity, and from there we started to redesign our video summarizing the semester. During the weekend, we met to do the job all together. Maria, who is best with new technologies, first, she was responsible to be adding to the video all the ideas that were going contributing. To create these ideas and refresh our memory, we made ​​a visit to our blog, and also the blog of our classmates. Our intention was to find the different competences that we had learned with the different and short tasks  we had done. Later, other members of the group model, using the different tools available for the job.we got all the skills learned could be summarized in a minute and a half, this was easy. The task became more difficult was to put music in our video because it was hard to find a song with Creative Commons valid for it. nevertheless, our work was on time and our result was successful. Many times it is more important the desire to move on to the resources availables, remember it. 

On monday, we teach our videos to the class and we got our scores in a very original way. Imitating Operacion Triunfo, we had to divide twelve ten, eight, six, five, four and three points between the other groups considering what video we prefer. In this way, the group with the best video would receive the highest punctuation.
It was an experience full of enthusiasm,and it served to show that to qualify does not need to be serious. 
These are the final scores, we have to congratulate the two winning teams! Hide and Seek and C´mmon Tutankamon! 

And now is the time to tell you how I've felt working as facilitator. With this role, I learned about all the nerves should not lose when something goes wrong, there are alternatives to correct the error, and is very important in a group  have someone responsible for maintaining calm and for guide and hold together the team and in this way the work will be successful. A similar case occurs with the teacher and his students, the teacher is necessary for the progress of the whole class. 
It has been a great experience for me, to feel that everyone in the group is a piece of the puzzle and the lack of any member of the group would leave the puzzle incomplete, and facilitator is who build the puzzle.

As you can see our final work, too soon you could see our first attempts of this work. Every mistake we make and every solution we find is a step above the success we climb.

I hope this makes us think!

Post made by: Cristina Sáez Alcantud, the facilitator.

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