martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Let´s analyze our work.

Hello everyone!
I´am María Rodríguez, the analyst this week. Well, after all I have had to evaluate the work of my group and of course it was so difficult for me.
Apart from being star, I think that this role is one of the most complicated because you have to judge your partner´s work.
For us, like other weeks, the activity has some good parts and bad parts too. On the one hand,the best part of the activity was to discover others tools 2.0 to create an animated video ( Moovly and PowToons ) with the purpose of taking advantage in the future with our students. They will be very useful!.
Those tools were so funny and creatives but we have a lot of problems with how they were operated. This is the main reason to say that it was the worse part of the activity. But finally, after seeing some tutorials of those tools as my partner Marta Solano said in her post as journalist, we could do our video.
Oh! Sorry I have forgotten that before this, we had other idea in our mind but we had to change it because Linda said to us that it was compulsory to use one of those programs.
So, we have had to change all our thoughts quickly because we did not have enought time to lose it.
Because of this, the best moment of the week was when we´d just finished our video. Our faces looked better than ever.Furthermore, in that moment we were very proud of ourselves and obviously, proud of our work.
Moreover, for us was difficult to summarize all that we have learnt in #SOyER1314 just in one video of 1:30 minutes but we have to say that we passed great moments when we were working all together.
As a group, we have to improve some things because sometimes we don´t leave our nerves and stress out and this from time to time is harmful to us and to our final work.

To sum up, I think that the content that we have learnt in the subject is related among them and the society because nowadays there are more technological advances and we have to adapt ourselves to them.

We have to evolve in the world that surround us.

Lord Jim,(2006, March 14) "Evolve" Flickr from

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