lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014


Hello everyone! We are Mayka Vidal and Marta Saura and we have been the stars this week. The development of the subject has changed from the previous weeks and now our work is to carry out some steps each week, such as the activity that we have already done, and finally, we will have to do a game based on all that we have learnt about Spanish Low and its changes. Although we continue with the roles, we don’t know exactly how the role of star is going to be.
For example, this morning we had to divide into some groups and each group had to evaluate other people´s mind maps. Later on, the evaluator group had to register their marks in a web page where the teacher can see it. For this reason, we didn’t follow the role of star because each one had to be with other group supervising their evaluations.
Each member of the group have work in this activity in spite of everybody had their role, because it is necessary that we all participate and collaborate with the aim to help each other to find the best way to do the activity and also, with the objective to get better marks in our work.
We have been the stars for this activity but actually, we have been taking part of the class work and looking other mind maps from our classmates, instead of present the activity like in other sesions. It has been another way to develop this subject, different from the previous one that we have done (for example, present the activity in front of the class).

Here you can see our mind maps about two topics related to the Spanish Low. The first one is An Overview of the Educational System” 

and the second one (which is the fourth topic) is “Organisational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education”

We hope that you understand our mind maps and learn a little bit more about Spanish Education Law.

Post made by: Mayka Vidal Sánchez and Marta Saura Hernández, stars. 

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  1. Wow!!!!
    Your creativity is awsome!!! Keep on working that way guys. You all will achieve your goals!!!