martes, 11 de febrero de 2014


Hello everyone!
As we know, this week is the first and my role is: curator farmer. That is mean that i have to work a lot with this tool because i don't know anything about it, and my partners don't know it neither.
Every thing that i'll put on pealtree this week it is related to the TPACK model. 
At first I didn't understand what i had to do and neither knew nothing about  the pearltree program or how to use it. After several hours watching videos, i started to understand it.       Then, i had to reference with APA style all the information that we base on our presentation.
Fortunately, i got it and over a few days, i could understand it better and added some new things. Overall it was a good experience and I think it is a useful tool to have all the information in one place.
It has been something new but i'm sure that i will use it a lot in the future.

Well, as i have said, my work ,this week, has been to work with the pearltree program and collect all information that has been used by our group to know things about TPACK, to undersand it better. 
Here we put the link of our pearltree with all this information as well as photos. Hope you like it:

Post made by: Mayka Vidal Sánchez.

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  2. Mayka, at least, try to use the translator to test if the grammar is OK in your post... I'm so sorry BUT your group earn a bit more of work writing! even more, when the work farming and organizing references is nice!... don't forgett to finish this part!!