lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

TPACK week´s Summary.

Hello everyone!

We are Rocío Montesinos and María Rodríguez the journalists of this week. Today our star Yonalda did the presentation of TPACK very well and we hope that our colleges enjoyed it.

But, do you know the exactly meaning of TPACK? we have found in an article of Rocío Ramón who belongs to the bilingual group of primary education of the University of Murcia an interesting definition. Have a look it: ,exactly their last post; MORE INFO. ABOUT TPACK and of course have other look to and where we commented, because they have very good contents, examples and explanations.

Here you have a video made by us in which you can see what we did during last week and some pictures about our work week.

In these week, we looked for a lot of information of TPACK and today we felt very useful like journalists because the presentation that Yolanda did was satisfactory in relation to our information. For us it is a good example of work group.
Thank you very much!

Post made by: Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz and María Rodríguez Bolea, the journalists.

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi girls!
    Good job and really nice presentation!
    Hope you enjoyed this week,:)
    Best wishes

    GiveMe7's journalist

  2. Thank you very much. We hope that you have learnt a little bit of TPACK. Good luck in your next presentation!

    Step by Step

  3. Well done journalists!! good try!... next time go futher!!