martes, 11 de febrero de 2014


Hello, my name is Marta Solano Andreu.

This is my first post in this blog of Step-by-step which I’m one of its members. This blog is for the subject school organization and educational resources. In this first week 3rd February to 9th February, my role is analyst. This role consists to analyze the activity that my group and I have done and then I answer the established questions. Finally I must evaluate my partners according to their roles and using objective criteria.
As I mentioned earlier this week I have had the role of analyst, I have considered this role a bit complicated because I have to appreciate all the work that my team and I have made, from an objective point of view, and then I must evaluate what has made each one, and sometimes I have felt a little overwhelmed as it is a bit hard to rank work by my partners.
My perspectives towards the subject are quite positive. I had never used this method before so I consider something innovative and above all we evolve from the basic methodology used always. Yesterday, Monday, we performed our first presentation, the experience has been very good, and we have seen different presentation to other groups and we could catch new knowledge about TPACK and especially some example for future projects.
I hope that the other activities that we will do throughout the semester will be equally animated, and I'm willing to work with enthusiasm and consistency in each of the activities we do. I am going to try explain my feeling and the academic things that I discovered with this activity.
From my point of view and after the experience of this new working method that we are using, I could highlight some moments of this activity, one could be the cooperation of each of us with the rest members of the group, but the best time was when we did our poster now that, it was really fun time, and each of us helped realize it. Finally I believe that the best part of our activity was the result that we did in the presentation.  On the other hand ,I felt that the worst part of our activity was at the beginning of the week. We were a little nervous and scared. We thought that we would not give us time, as it was a technique we had used a little, but at the end of the week the work was done with satisfaction and in marking time. As I mentioned early at the beginning we have had some problems about how to organize and divide the work because we didn’t know very well how to work each role but finally the facilitator’s role was essential in order to do well the work.
According to this activity, the first thing that we have learned was the meaning of the TPACK model because we ignored what it meant. The fact of knowing the TPACK, assumed to have a greater understanding of the importance of technologies in the classroom, as these are the future and we must evolve from the traditional methodology. Moreover we believe that the TPACK, is necessary since the educational system is changing a lot, therefore this model will be useful in order to be a good professional.
As a group, I believe that my group and I must maintain for the rest of the weeks in the course, the cooperation in each of the activity that we do, although each of us have a role set, we have helped other partners with their role assigned. The result of this first activity I think that it has been pretty good, with new methodologies that we don't know such as Pearl- tree.Another thing as a group I consider that we need to improve in that each of us knows in depth about the activity to be performed in that week. This week, for example we have been known a little about the knowledge of TPACK because we still had not caught the dynamic of the subject. I hope that we will improve the rest of the weeks and that we will learn more about this new methodology. According to the knowledge of TPACK model, l can relate it with various subjects in my career but we should know that these subjects that we have studied ,can be related to content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge, for example in the technological knowledge I could integrate various subjects for example ICT and particular this subject. There are also other subjects such as Planning that this would result in the integration of pedagogical and technological knowledge. Within the Pedagogical knowledge I could integrate the subject of Psychology and within the discipline content I could integrate the subject of Language. Therefore I believe that TPACK is a model to organize the different contents.I think the TPACK model could be related to the continuous news that are coming out about the use of technologies by students and more and more teachers, in order to incorporate such technology in the classroom and in their learning processes. therefore the TPACK model emphasizes the use of technologies and therefore we can relate this with numerous news that are coming about technologies. In conclusion of course that there is a connection since the technologies are changing every day.

This week my group and I were a bit lost and scared as we don’t know  how to do the activity. At first we had some problems about how to do, but immediately we solved the problem and we did the activity. When I talked with my group, we had a conclusion about this week, we learnt the importance of TPACK as an organizing tool in our future as teachers, because how I repeated the above, technologies are changing and are more closer to us.

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  1. Good try. Let's go to try to think about WHY, not only in terms of feelings but in "academic" terms... you have things to evolve,BUT good try. For being the first is nice!