miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Let's go with the Stars

Hi, guys
As we know, this is the third week of this subject in this semester.
Well, let go to this week.  It is amazing how we have learnt more things about technologies, for example this week most of us have learnt what are creative common licenses and how do a good presentation and of course we have discovered a new online program, slideshare.
We believe that knowing more about technologies is really good, as we will be a teacher in the future and the technologies are changing a lot.
Knowing about this, we believe  it is necessary to  know the tips in order to do a professional presentation since in the big session on last Monday my partner Rocio and I  presented our presentation about one topic related to the content of primary school
At first my group and I were undecided about the topic that we wanted to do but finally we chose the topic of Economic sectors.

Star: Marta Solano Andreu
I am Marta Solano Andreu, this time is my first time as star. Now I am going to tell you my experience as star.
I feel that the performance of star is one of most important part of each activity since these people have to present all work done this week.
Last weekend, I was prepared my presentation about Economic Sector, when I was studying I felt very nervous, because I don’t use to talk in public therefore I think that these activities are a good way to overcome our stage fright. Moreover in the presentation I wasn’t alone, I was with my partner Rocio Montesinos therefore I felt safer.
Despite being a satisfying experience, I think that I could improve my oral presentation for next time, but I am cheerful and enthusiasm with the result. Each week we will improve  in our work and presentation, and we will try not to do the same mistakes.

In this photograp. I was presenting my part of  presentation.

Star: Rocio Montesinos Ferrandiz
This week I have been the star together with my partner Marta Solano Andreu. In our group we decided that the topic was the economic sectors, so we had 4 minutes to explain it as if the class were children of 11 and 12 years. This sounds simple, but at the time of study the English presentation was a bit more complicated.
I consider this role like "the feared’’, but as I shared it with my partner I was more relaxed. At the time of distributing the information between Marta and I there wasn’t any problem. She is a very hard-working girl and I like working with her.
There were nine groups and we were the eighth, so when the group seven was presenting I felt really nervous and I thought that my mind was in white.
Finally we presented our work and in my opinion it was very well despite the nerves.

And in this photograph I was presenting my part of presentation about economic sectors.

Post made by stars: Marta Solano Andreu and Rocio Montesinos Ferrandiz.

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