miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Hello everyone, I`m Marta Saura Hernández and this week I have been the analyst of my group. For us, this week has been the most overwhelmed because we had to reconstruct and to organize the work. The reason why we had to do it was because at the beginning we started doing the activities and the blog in a different way, so we made some mistakes. We are trying to correct them and to improve our work with the aim to get high marks and learn more.
In our opinion, this activity had some good parts. On the one hand, we had to look for information in many sources such as text books or web pages and this helped us to understand how to adapt the content to children. On the other hand, we had to research about how to do a good presentation or a power point, therefore we had to learn about to use slides. This supposes a good activity because we can use this information in our next presentations.
On the contrary, the worst part of this activity was that there was a lot of information and two different activities to do, the first one consisted of doing a presentation about a primary education`s topic and the other activity consisted of doing a power point about what Creative Common is, how we use them and summarize 20 basic tips for develop a good presentation. All this was a little bit confused because we had to organize the work and to find all the photos with “CC” and take the references, so it was quite hard. To develop this activity we have had some problems. Firstly, we had to stop doing the activity, after the presentations of the previous week, and think about what we weren`t doing well. This made us a little bit worried because it was needed that we rebuilt the blog and the way to work in the activity (to divide the work among the members of the group). Later on, we organized ourselves, and carried out the activity.  
On our point of view one of the best moment of the week was the day of the presentation because we could see other group`s presentation and how they carried out the activity. Also we had to evaluate our colleges and we noticed the common mistakes which helped us to improve in our next activities and presentations.
On the contrary, the worst moment of the week was when we noticed that the work that we were doing weren`t very well and we had to work hard if we wanted to get high marks. This supposed for us a big shock but we focused on to reorganize and think about the way to improve.
We think that with this activity we have learnt about how to do a good presentation, which can be very useful when we will have to do a power point and the way to performance it. An interesting advice of this, is to prepare the content before the presentation and be sure about the performance, because the majority of us feel very anxious at the moment of the exposition. Also, we have learnt about to search photos with Creative Commons and to take the references of them, which is very interesting to know what photos are signed and why it is important for the authors.
This week, as I said before, we had to reorganize the work and to divide the steps for developing the presentations, therefore, there are some points that we have to conserve -as a group- for the next weeks. Firstly, we must organize the work at the beginning and coordinate. Then, we should use the commentaries that the teacher put in our blog and said to us, to improve and make the things more logical. We must use these commentaries to improve and not to understand them as a critizism because we can learn from the mistakes.

We are trying to do the things better with the aim of get higher marks and learn more about the subjects and the topics.

Post made by the analyst: Marta Saura Hernández.

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