miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014


Hello , I am Yolanda , I have been the journalist.
For me , it had been quite complicated because we had a lot of things to do and not time enought. With the help of my group I made the power point about the economic sectors. This week we had to use some resources that we were not very familiar with... I had used the power point before but i did not do it in a correct way so I have learnt some tips for doing a good presentation. This had been a hard work but at the end it was satisfactory.
We have also learnt how to use slideshare. I did not know what was "slideshare" but  we tried and indeed it was not complicated at all.
As I said before , this week I have learnt different tools and I am happy because of that  , I am sure that I am going to use it a lot in the future.
In conclusión , despite that it had not been easy at all , I liked to be the journalist , investigating new this and so learning interesting tools.
I know that we have to perform a lot of things but we have made a lot of effort and for me that is really important.

On one hand , this week I have been searchig for some power points that could be useful for teaching and I have found  rich variety of them , for example the presentation of our classmates "give me seven" who have made a power point about food change using dinosaurs , that  I think it is really original and quite nice for children , have a look:  http://giveme7blog.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/telling-stories-food-chainwith-dinosaurs_25.html?spref=tw
Then I have found a website with lots of different power points very useful for teachers and students ,there are presenations of a lot of subjects , so I have found it as a really helpful resource  ; http://worldofteaching.com/

On the other hand I have also been looking for some information about why and how to use creative commons license and I have found this power point on slideshare where it is explained the reasons why to use it on school:

Post made by:Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert

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