miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Be facilitator this week.

Good night everyone!. I'm Mayka Vidal  Sánchez and this week I'm  the facilitator of our group "stepbystep". I have this role this week that it's the third.
The first day we discussed what our roles were going to be this week , as we know we have to change it each week . So we did, and as soon as we had the paper work and started thinking about the two powerpoint. First, I read to my group how to make a good slide little text , main idea , one image per slide, a typeface , the care with colors , capital letters , etc.

Then I thought it would be best if the work is divided into two parts . I mean, I told Maria , Marta and Cristina that they would slide on 20 tips to make a good presentation and the mean and the use of common license, and Yolanda and I  would help to the stars with the presentation of the topic had to explain to the ''children '' .
So the other part of the work the four of us would do . When each member of the group to finish their part , we should send it to the other part and to share our work to fix bugs and improve the slides in order to do a professional job and have good results.

We had some problems and doubts about our subject, and we did not know if another group chosen before us, and if it would be a bit boring , so after the whole group we were at the library and were discussing about changing our topic, we change it  and chose economic sectors applied to primary Education .

Also problems with the images we put on slides and where we had to put the reference images.However, after the presentation made by our stars, and that our teacher would correct the errors in all presentations and with that, we reorganized some things and improve . 

Fortunately , this week we have time to organize our blog and review .
It is clear that this role it's very important to organize and divide the work and check it. This week with this role I feel very good and I see my group feels better too, it has been a week of gains , which have learned to work better together and help ourselves more.
I hope you liked our work and this post. Greetings.

Post made by: Facilitator Mayka Vidal Sánchez.

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