martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Star´s Role

Hello , I am Yolanda  Pérez-Crespo Gilabert , the star this week in our presentation about TPACK.

At first I was a little bit  frightened about the idea of being the star , maybe because it was the first week and I would have to "break the ice" or maybe because I would have to face the "problem" alone. But at the end the experience was quite satisfactory. It was not such  terrifying as I thought , what´s more... it was not  terrifying at all. I felt very comfortable while making my exposition.

When I was studying I tried to understand well the TPACK´s concept but I also tried to make it easy to understand for my classmates. This is not an easy job , but it is really useful for us , because that is what we will do when we become teachers.

On one hand the star´s work has different pros , for example that you put more interest and you  learn a lot about the topic , becoming an "expert" , and that it is a good opportunity to loose your scenic panic.

On the other hand there are some cons as well... For example that you spend a lot of time studying and that you have too much responsability.

But after all , I think that the star´s mision is really pleasurable.

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