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Translator Role.

Hello! welcome to the Step by Step work blog. I´m Cristina Saez Alcantud and this week my role is the Translator in my work group. I have to choose the main five words in the topic of TPACK because this is the Translator´s work, learning to highlight the most important concepts of the topic. This  role is very useful because verifies that the knowledge gained have not learned by heart because it has to be understood in order to express in their own words, specifically this week the role has helped to clarify concepts of TPACK.

I am going to now define the five most important words about TPACK, and the words I have chosen are:

TPACK Model, Content Knowledge (CK), Pedagogical Knowledge (PK), Technological Knowledge (TK) and Context. 

    TPACK is a model that offers to the teachers the use of 

the new technologies in their work in an effective way, taking into account the different aspects of education. TPACK has 
three main elements that are the content knowledge, the pedagogical knowledge and the technological knowledge. These three aspects must be combined a way that the development of knowledge is the appropriate and be acquired in an equilibrated way.

This method was developed by professors of education at the University of Michigan and has become a useful resource especially during the last years when its popularity has increased.
To better understand TPACK model, we have to know about the next terms:
        Content knowledge.
Is the teacher´s understanding of the subject matter to be 
learned, it includes ideas, concepts, theories, conceptual frameworks, etc… Knowledge of content is so important for teachers because their knowledge is the knowledge that their pupils will get.
-         Technological knowledge
It is a difficult term to analyze because technology is 
evolving every day , so we can define it as “the fluency of information processes” this includes:
·        -The understanding of ICT in everyday life
·        -The manage of digital skills
·        -The use of different devices such as mobile device or computer device
·        -The manage of different tools and technological  environments

-         Pedagogical knowledge:
   Is the teacher´s understanding processes practices and methods. They encompass overall educational purposes, values, and aims. This generic form of knowledge applies to understanding how students learn, general classroom management skills, lesson planning, and student assessment. It includes knowledge about techniques or methods used in the classroom.

-         Context:
   Teachers are limited by what they are able to do within their own environment. Time, training, and the nature of assessment in schools also impacts on how technology may be used in classrooms. TPACKdepends on the teacher and their ability to use the available technology to its maximum efficiency in the classroom too. The capacity of the teacher affects to the TPACK model development. For that, TPACK is affected for everything around us.
   To make this definitions  was very useful the 
   exposition that took place on Monday in class and the work in group during the week about the topic.

   here you have some resources used to make this definitions in a complete way to to extend our knowledge:

   these resources will serve to understand TPACK in a more 
   easy way. Visit them!
  Thanks you for your attention!

     Post publicated by the translator: Cristina Sáez Alcantud.

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