miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Economic sectors power point

Hello! here it is our presentation about economic sectors for children , wich we have exposed this monday.
We have choosen this topic because we think that it is quite interesting and useful and it is something that children of primary education (10-12 years-old children) should know.
First of all we searched from some information about economic sectors easy to explain to children , so we found some interesting pages . Later we realized that Rocio´s sister , who is 11 years-old , had in her text book this information in an easy way so we find some interesting data from there.
Secondly , we search some images , which I have to say that was not an easy job... Searching images in creative common is quite complicated , however this images have the license to be used and that is what we had to do in order to make a correct power point.
It is our first power point using this especific steps , so it has been a bit complicated and we have had to make some modification but after all I think that we have made a good job!
Hope you like it.
Post made by: Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert ,  journalist

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