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Questions about topic 2.

Hi everyone! 
I´m Cristina Sáez, and i´m the star this week! On Thursday each group had to present thirty-two cards with the most important questions about the six topics that we are working. Then, we qualified the cards and selected the best eight of each topic. Step by Step with The teachleaders went specialists and supervisors about the topic two. These are the questions about the topic:

Hide anda seek.
1.- What kind of schools can provide Primary Schools?
2.- How many assessments does the new Education Policy establish on the individualized evaluation?
3.-Which are the age levels and grouping pupils in the Primary School?
4.- What does the Education Policy establish on the use of ICT in the teaching-learning process?

Give me seven.
1.-A cooperative wants to build a publicly-funded private schools in respect to the terrain, what options has the cooperative?
2.-A student has passed all the subjects of 6th grade of Primary Education. However, he has failed the diagnostic's test. Can this student move on to Secondary Education?
3.-As we all know new technologies surround our learning environment. Many schools have opted to incorporate these ICT resources, but who offers these digital and technology platforms?
4.-A student requests to study in the Castilian language in Catalonia. However, in his state school and nearby schools, the Castilian is not taught. What solution does the Goverment propose?

C'mon Tutankamon
1.- We, as a teachers, what must we do at the 3rd course of Primary Education to check if our students already have the basic skills. Explain it. O,;
2.- Is there some Education Policy referring to the use of technology? Tell su what the present law said.jvm,k
3.- Could you tell me some aims/general objectives of Primary Schools related with  the respect for others?
4.- How many courses has Primary Education? Please tell me some of the purposes of skills (not aims/general objectives) they must have at the end of Primary Education.

1.-What's the only thing the LOMCE added to the objectives in Primary Education, according to the entrepeneurship?
2.-How is the Primary Education divided by the LOE, and by the LOMCE?
3.- What is the LOMCE adding about ICT's?
4.-What are the foreing languages denomination changes according to LOMCE?

The Little Ants
1.-Within the educational Policy in the Primary School, how is evaluated the mastery of skills?
2.-If you were a teacher of a group in third course of Primary Education according to the LOMCE and once of the students do not reach the basic skills, how would you solve it?
3.-As a teacher, what kind of assistance the Ministry of Education can give to you?
4.- There is univocal relationship between the teaching of some subjects and the development of certain competences?

The Teacherleaders.
1.- What is the purpose of the general objectives that the LOE provided?
2.- What are developed the priority aspects of the Spanish Educational Policy  regarding Primary Education?
3.-Could a private or public  school choose the name of the School?
4.-We know that the basic competences are essental in the development of the pupils but, all of thoses basic competences are related one with each other?

Education Rush Hour.
1.-Mark is an eight-years oled children. He has already finished third grade but he hasn't acquired the basic skills. Who has to decide about his future and what that person has to do?
2.- What have Educational Administrations to do if they want to build private schools over public land?
3.- Primary Education is from 6 to 12 years old, but what are its structure?
4.-Basic competences are necessary in order to...

1.- What are the differences in the Primary Education organization between the LOE and LOMCE?
2.-What is the difference between LOE and LOMCE referring to the time that a teacher has to be tutor of a concrete group?
3.-According to the LOMCE, what teachings form part of the basic education? Do you observe any difference from the LOE?
4.- Which changes have the different Primary Education subjects experimented from LOE to LOMCE?

Step by Step
1.- In which course a child with specific disabilities is going to be assisted? What happen if the specific assessments for these children fail?
2.-As a teacher, what do you and the Ministry of Education should to investigate and promote?
3.-In the Primary School, what can we do for adapt the working patterns of children?
4.-If you were a teacher, what shall we do if we have a student in class with several difficulties?

I hope that you find them useful! we will give an entertaining use soon.

Post made by Cristina Sáez. Star.

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