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Journalist´s post.

Hi everyone!
 How start this week? I´m Cristina Saez, the journalist this week!
 These days we worked on the LOE and LOMCE and the result has been a clear idea about the organization of schools using a mind map.
The summary of the activities of Step by Step group this week is this:
First, we read the activity carefully, and I have to add that we did not understand very well our goal of the week, because of that we asked our doubts to Linda to clarify our ideas and to start our work.
We chose the program to work, Mindmeister, and we saw a tutorial to learning how to use it. 
Here we can see it, I hope you find it useful!

Then we  did a comprehensive reading on the items that Linda provided about the Loe and Lomce.
Focusing on our theme, we read the different items that you can see here:

About Loe and Lomce.

About Lomce.

About Organisational Variations and alternative structures In Primary Education

And about an overview of education in Spain. 

Our group was focused on An Overview of the Educational System, which is the first topic and the fourth which is Organisational Variations and Alternative Structures in Primary Education.

First we get the main ideas about the article related to schools organization and then we compared the changes going from loe to logse. For us, our final work was so clear and it summarizes the main ideas for understand both topics. You can see it on the post of our Stars, Mayka Vidal and Marta Saura. 

I hope this makes you think, education is in your hands

Post made by the journalist, Cristina Sáez.

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