lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Our roles this week.

Hi everyone! I´m Cristina Saez Alcantud, the facilitator this week in Step by Step work team. We have new roles to play our work as every week. We have reached the middle of the semester, and although it has been a hard work we must not lose the desire and illusion and we have played these new roles with the same enthusiasm as the first week.
This week the journalist is...  Marta Solano!
The Curator Farmer is... Marta Saura!
The Analyst is... María Rodríguez!
The translator is... Mayka Vidal!
The stars are... Rocío Montesinos and Yolanda Perez-Crespo!
and The facilitator is... me!

We will show hereinafter our work and I hope that you like and that you learn so much.


We will tell you how the work has progressed this week soon.
Post made by : Cristina Sáez Alcantud, the Facilitator.

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