lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014


Treasure hunt is very useful resource for teaches , and good way for children to learn while investigating with different supports (normally with the internet  because of its posibilities nowadays) .It is a game in which the players attempt to find hidden articles by means of a series of clues,  so using this tool in education could be really funny and interesting for children.
We have found this website with the steps to follow to make a good treasure hunt : have a look! it can be really helpful to make this activity correctly
For our presentation we have found a treasure hunt for children of primary education ,  on the internet. It is about different topics in order to learn some curious things. This treasure hunt consits on a serie of questions , and under the quesions there is a link where the children can find what tey are looking for , reading the article. Hope you like it!
information sought by:
Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert ,  facilitator
Marta Saura Hernández , journalist
Marta Solano Andreu , curator farmer

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