domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014


HI! I`m Marta Saura and I have been the journalist this week. Actually, it is an awkard role because you have to look for information and also, in the activity of this week, I have had to summarize the information and put them into a chart. It was not so easy and one of the problem was that there was a lot of information and different activities to focus. 
First of all, we organized the work among the members of the group and while I was giving the information to the stars, they were summarize them and tried to adapt to the presentation. We had some problems when we decided how to put them into a chart or when we had to design the poster. We were a little bit confused because we didn`t know exactly how to do it with the aim to be visual for the rest of the group. Later on, we decided to do the poster very simple to complete it with the explanation of the stars. After the presentation, we noticed that our decisions didn`t be suitable and we must learn from the mistakes with the objective to improve our work.
I looked for information in different webpages, which the analyst is going to put in a pearltree. Also, I saw a video about some proyections wich helps me to get interesting information. Here you can see it,

We have seen another blogs to look for information and we have found one from our class, Education Rush Hour, which explains very well an example of treasure hunt supported by different webpages; And also, one from  , in which you can see another example of treasure hunt, in this case, related to a book which expects to teach children about art, English and aspects in which children have to use their minds to look for information.
I think that this types of blogs help to understand and clarify the ideas about what a treasure hunt is. If you have a confused idea about this, have a look about one of them and these will help you.

In relation to my role this week, I can say that it is not an easy work but you can learn a lot about activities that you don`t know before. This activity seemed to me very useful with a view to teach children in differents ways from the conventionals ways. We are learning step by step!

Post made by the journalist: Marta Saura Hernández.

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  1. And the story of the group? and the interest?Poor, fast and very poor.