jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

This week we are doing our first work, which is TPACK. We have to look for information about what TPACK is,to summarize them and to make an exposition with a poster. Each member of the group is doing their role, so shortly they will post the work here.
Before that, we had done another activity called Illustrating Words. It consists on to choose five different words from a list (they could be verbs, nouns or adverbs) and we had to draw them. Later, we changed the drawings with other groups and we tried to find our classmates` draws. Here you can see our drawings:

To sum up this activity, we can say that we hadn`t any problems to do it. We chose five words which we thought that they were easy to illustrate and also, easy to guess. 
To our mind, guess a concept with a drawing can be easier because in a drawing you can put whatever you want and can contain more details nevertheless, a picture can be clearer to understand. 
It is also interesting to have messages in the drawings because, as we did in our last drawing, only a short sentence can help to understand the meaning, giving a little information about it. 
It is a little bit difficult to guess the meaning of a drawing which concept is abstract, therefore it is harder to illustrate, so other groups maybe had problems with these kinds of pictures.

Post made by the facilitator; Marta Saura Hernández

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