jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Hello we are Step by Step, seven students of the bilingual group of Primary Education in the University of Murcia. Our group is make up of Rocío Montesinos Ferrándiz, María Rodríguez Bolea, Cristina Saez Alcantud, Marta Saura Hernández, Marta Solano Andreu, Yolanda Pérez-Crespo Gilabert and Mayka Vidal Sánchez.
 This blog is for the subject: School Organization and Educational Resources and we are going to publish our work each week.
For these works, each member of the group is going to develop a different role, which are: 

The roles will be changed each week so everybody is going to do different activities. 

Also, we have an account on twitter: @7StepbyStep, where we put some information about our work. 
We hope that you enjoy with our work.

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