lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

This is my experience like a star.

Hi everybody!
I´m María Rodríguez and during this week I have been one of the two stars of my group.
What is for me be one of the stars?.It seems to me to have a lot of responsabilities, learn how could be the better way to explain our new activity Treasure Hunt: cartographic projections and last but not least to get my nerves out of my mind.
Therefore, my college Mayka and I helped to look for information to have an entire knowledge of all . These helped me to understand better the cartographic projections of Robinson, Mercator and Azimuthal and of course the exactly meaning of treausure hunt.
Moreover, I have learnt that media aren´t neutral and have an important influence in our learning students. So, the media that we have chosen is textbook, exactly books of history because these textbooks change according to whom govern the country, the editorials and of course all of their interests.
We choose a clarifying example; In a war between countries, there are two bands or more but these two bands narrate the history in two different perpectives.
We think that as a consequence of this, children who are from different countries have in this way different perceptions, and of course this have an effect on their culture.

This morning, Linda our teacher of #SOyER1314 explained us what was the way that we had to represent the activity, and for our surprise it was different from last week. We had to get all stars together to make a hole presentation in only ten minutes with all groups´ information. 
Firstly, all of us were lost but quickly we shared out the work and it was more easy. Even, all of us (15 stars) had the opportunity of speak and contribute a little bit in the final exposition.
In conclusion, these new way of presentation was difficult but with teamwork all was possible because we made a brainstorming and finally we learnt a lot of important information of each group.

 Post made by: María Rodríguez Bolea.

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