martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


Hi everyone,
As we all know each group will change their role each week of this semester . Therefore this new week from day 10 to day 17 ,my role has been the Curator-Farmer.

At first I need help from my friends to know how to use it .Then when I received the help for my partners, I investigated this program during hours. Finally I found out the manner to use this new program.

From my point of view ,  this programme  has  improved my learning about how to make references , although before investigating more on how to make them I had a little idea of ​​how to do it , but certainly after deepening the APA model I have improved enough to make some professional references.

I have also learned to use a new programme whose results have seemed satisfactory, since I've entertained by bubbles of  Pearl –trees  and decorating them , according to this week activity: map projections.
This program would be an ideal software program that I would use with my students if I finally will work at university , because nowadays the world  of technologies is advancing  at very big steps.

I have worked hard and hopefully in the realization of Pearl- trees . I hope you like and enjoy with it.
Here, we can see the Pearl-Trees of Step by Step.

Post made by : Marta Solano Andreu.

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