martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Analyst Post.

Hello! Im Cristina Saez Alcantud and its my turn to be the analyst this week. I think that is one of the most dificult roles because you have to evaluate your oun partners, but in the future we will have to do that with our children so, it is a good moment to star practicing. 
Now im going to answer questions about the topic of the week, Cartographic Projections and Treasure Hunt, and the work made by my work group during the week.

    a. What was the best part of the activity? 
The best thing of this week has been discovering the way of seeing the world that each author had.

    b. What was the worse? 
The worst part of this activity was to understand some parts of the activity because it was difficult to understand and develop it.

    c. What was the best moment of the week (in the work of the group)?
I think that the best moment of the week was the moment when all the roles put in common our information to make an exposition for the other mates. 
   d. What was the worse? 
The wors part of the week i think that is the moment when we start the activity because we dont know what we have to do. 
   e. What have you learnt? 
The most important lesson that we learn this week is that we, the future teachers, we influence our children's education with the decisions we make when choosing how to teach and resources we use to do this.

    f. What do you need to conserve -as a group- for the next weeks?
I think that a remarkable good thing that characterizes my work group is the dynamism and great participation in the activities we do. We work together and animated form, and it is important to work comfortable at the group.
    g. What do you need to improve –as a group- for the next weeks?
In my opinion, we have to learn to understand the activities and the objectives of it to spend less time, and also we can get more time to dedicate to the activity

    h. How THIS content is related to other contents in the course and in your degree? 
We can link the content about our topics with some subjects like knowledge of the environment. in this subject we learn about geography and the phisical maps relacionated with the topic of the week. 

    i. There is any evident social connection of this content (news, 
politics, etc.)? 
I can't find any connection with social events or news to our topics, although we can see in the news every day the diferent continents. 

Post made by the analyst: Cristina Saez Alcantud.

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