martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

We are working in a new week.

Good morning!
I´m María Rodríguez the facilitator during this week. We are going to work in our proyect "The dark side of textbooks" in order to get bad points of textbook because there are a lot of interests between politics, editorials, goverments... and this has influence on teaching and learning.
So, we are spliting up the task and thinking all together with the purpose of provide ideas and creativity.
We have a lot of doubts today because we have some ideas in our mind and we don´t come to an agreement but I´m sure that all our work will be all right.
 As the other weeks, we have changed the roles and this is the result of this week:
Mayka is the journalist and she is looking for bad points of textbook, Yolanda is the analyst ,Marta Solano is the translator, Rocío is the curator-farmer and Cristina and Marta Saura are the stars and they will present our work on Monday.
Anyway, I will inform you about something that appears in this hole week.

Have a nice week!

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